Aloha! from the Aloha State

img_5782It has been about two weeks since we moved from sunny Florida to the Oahu island of the Aloha State. I’ve been very busy with moving and job search. We luckily were able to find a place during our first week in the island. A few days later, I found a temporary job! Everything is moving quite fast, and thankfully things are falling into place. Last two weeks were quite crazy, hectic and sleep deprived! But I had some down time this week, so the hubby took me to some beaches around the area.

The first beach he took me was Lanikai beach, located in Kailua. There is only street parking available in this beach, and there are not toilets too, FYI. You will have to walk all the way to Kailua beach park to use the restroom. The waves were small, which makes it a great beach for people who aren’t strong swimmers and for kids.

Afterwards, we went to Makapu’u, which is only a few minutes away from Lanikai. Today, we visited Cromwell’s beach located nearby Diamond Head. img_5799This beach is also street parking only.

It is a relatively quiet beach, not too touristy compared to Lanikai. But the beach is very rocky, so you have to be careful where you choose to swim!



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