Nude Beach Anyone? Makaleha Beach Park / Polo Beach Park

Last week, my husband and I decided to hit the beach. I was about to start a new job at the time, and so we wanted to get our beach on before we get busy with work and other grown-up stuff. We drove towards North Shore and found a beach right across from a place called Dillingham Ranch. At first we didn’t know we arrived because there were no signs that say there was a beach park there. Well, there was a small sign that said public access to beach, but we had no clue what the name of the beach was. The only other thing that let us know it must be the entrance to the beach was the number of cars that were parked on the side of the road.

A bunch of people were entering at the time, and so we just followed suit. The path cuts through private property, which looked like another ranch. There were several horses to the right, and some vegetation. At the end of the path is of course the beach! We decided to go to the left side of the beach as it looked like a quieter side, without knowing that the right hand side leads to a nude area of the beach!!! After a short nap sesh, we decided to take a walk to the other side, and that’s when we realized that the people basking under the sun were not wearing any clothes at all! We decided to turn around and call it a day.

The beach itself was really nice though. Very quiet, and at the time the trees gave us ample shade. From where we were at we were also able to see the windmills that I believe are in the North Shore. The current was a bit stronger that day, but I was able to splash at the shallow end a little bit. I think the beach becomes deep right away, but there is a section close to shore that is shallow enough for swimming.


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