Manoa Falls Trail + Update


So many things have happened this past month. I finally got a full time job (yay for not being homeless!) in Honolulu. It’s such a big deal since my husband and I moved here with limited savings and with the goal of my getting a job as quickly as possible. After weeks and weeks of interview, I finally landed a job where I can use my language skills. I speak 3 languages, including English, fluently. Being on the computer for hours really discouraged me to try update my blog and our business website. Today’s motivation is due to a nice little hike we did yesterday.

I love nature! It is one of the many reasons why I moved here in Hawaii. I also love moving around and getting my workout on, so we decided to go on a little hike. I’m a beginner hiker, so we decided to go to Manoa Falls Trail, which is a relatively easy hike. I also wanted to see the Banyan tree on the path that is notorious for being haunted. It was daytime so it wasn’t that spooky, but I bet it gets pretty scary at night time. First rule of hiking, which I found the hard way, is always put on bug spray! I was a walking feast for mosquitoes, and all the sweating from the hike made matters worse. I now have mosquito bites all over my thighs and legs. Lesson learned. Anyway, there was a bunch of people yesterday since it was a Sunday. It was quite a busy day at the trail and everyone wanted to take a picture in front of the Banyan tree! I felt that the two trees with the red bark that lead to the Banyan tree had more of an eerie aura though, but maybe that’s just me? I was sort of hoping for something paranormal, to happen but nothing really occurred. Well, except for that time when something apparently fell from a tree and hit my left arm. I thought someone threw a rock at me cause it really hurt. My skin was actually cut a bit and bruised. I asked my husband if he threw something at me and he said he didn’t and he never saw what happened. I don’t know about you guys, but I do believe in the supernatural so after that I just said “excuse me” and “thank you” whenever I sat down a rock or something!


Anyway, I enjoyed being in nature and just exploring the place. I saw a cute little bird chirping a beautiful melody up close! I wish I could’ve taken the time to explore more, and just hike as slow as I could to take it all in. But there were just too many people and it was hard to stop and smell the roses when everyone else is in a rush. There were areas of the trail that were rock and steep, especially close to the falls. And there was little room to rest or just stop to let everyone else go ahead of us. Nevertheless, we had a great time!

When we got to the falls, there was more than 10 people already there. Many of them went past the wires that are meant to keep them safe. Apparently, rocks started pummeling down the falls which made the government put the signs and wires around the area. I did want to go past the wires and maybe dip my feet in the water, but when I heard about leptospirosis I decided to not take that risk. We didn’t get rain this past week so the waterfall was not gushing with water, which disappointed some hikers. I heard some people saying that it was not as big at the picture. In reality, it is quite a small area and the falls although beautiful didn’t really pack a punch. Still, it was a great hike surrounded by lots of beautiful scenery, verdant greens of leaves, ferns, algae and bamboos and a peaceful stream going down rocky boulder on the right hand side.


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